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What to do...

A friend who works and works and works and works and now has a little time off for the holidays doesn't quite know what to do with the time.

I shared some of my favorite things to do (beyond the usual pop in a DVD or eat or kiss or 'bump uglies').

Hope you like them:  

Some suggestions of my favorite things to do that always make me feel great: help someone with something (anyone with anything), build something, write down the things for which you're grateful, laugh (at anything), cry (to get it out -- because when we're nose-to-the-grindstone working, we often don't), call family, write a letter to someone (an old-school letter with stationery and a nice pen), pray (if you're inclined), visualize your dreams (if you're inclined), listen to music on headphones with no distractions, read 'The Chronicles of Narnia', go to a flower garden or flower store and just smell stuff, visit the zoo and spend time admiring animals, hug your pet, help the needy, spend time in the arms of someone you love.
I welcome your comments -- add your favorite things.
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'Relanyms' at last!

Yea!!!  "'Precipice Writings' and Other Relanyms -- A Book of Word-Play", my latest book is now available!  I'm very, very proud of this book.  Please visit my store to pick up a copy.


Bah, humbug!!

 I had so much fun playing Ebenezer Scrooge.  Sam Melnikov as Tiny Tim was the perfect foil for my curmudgeonly temperament. 

People have been teasing me that a mean, miserly, bitter role was too easy.  "Try reaching, Tom, try reaching for crying out loud."  To them, I say, "Bah!  Humbug.  A bug that hums.  Huuuuuuuuummmmmm!  Humbug."


Happy Birthday, Officer Horning!

Sergeant Major Officer Corporal Admiral Randall Everett Horning.  What a guy.  He's been traveling the Bus Safety lecture circuit for longer than I can remember. 

Our scouts out scouring libraries and bookstores the world over unearthed this magazine.  Thanks so much, fans on behalf of the good Officer.


Pick up his mini-movie, 'Bus Safety Brought to You' at  You can't be without it!

(Photo credit:  Loa Allebach, Jim Akman)


'Tom Recommends' Volume 1 Issue 1


Your reading this Visit JussTuss websiteis much appreciated. 

I would like to publically thank Brad St. James and Susie from JussTuss for their work with me and with Thick Skin Creations this year.  Especially their work in the stellar recording session we all had this October.  An enormous amount of drum work was slated for this recording session which, I don't mind telling you, was difficult to slate for year-end-2010 for numerous reasons. 

However, the work, (much of which is slated for inclusion on the forthcoming comedy CD, 'Tom Antonellis:  Laugh at or With') is material very dear to my heart and of which I am very proud. 

What's great about this two-person show (JussTuss) is that, when they become involved in a project, they bring with them, beyond their outstanding talent, a work ethic that would make you think they were working on their own project.  To a producer, nothing could be more welcome. 

As fans of Tom Antonellis and Thick Skin Creations, I would like to personally ask you to visit their website, listen to "Stumbling In" and "The Secret is Love," buy their stuff, support their work.  They are artists of the finest caliber I've ever worked with in my 36 years on this planet. 

Sincerely, Tom Antonellis