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Stand(ing)-up Tall!

Comedy Store 8.29.10

Thanks ever so much, everyone who made it out to the comedy show.  Thanks, too, to those who took the time to wish me well.  Shame on you who stayed home to watch the Emmys instead of me!  My set really killed.  Halfway through, it struck me and I mentioned how grateful I was to be there making people laugh on the same stage I once saw George Carlin perform.  Then, I made some jokes about my balls.  Comedy gold.

Thank you to Vargus Mason and Cathy Lewis for the opportunity. 

Reminder:  my recent book 'A Bunch of Gripe Grapes' is based on my comedy and comedic writings and my recent mini-movie 'Bus Safety Brought to You' is based on my stand-up character set.  For your copies, visit:



Tom's up for Stand-up

[PERFORMANCE HAS PASSED] Ok, it's finally arrived. All of you peops who've been asking when Tom is doing stand-up! Sunday August 29, at the Comedy Store Main Room on Sunset Blvd. Tickets available directly from Tom ($15, with a two-drink minimum once there) or you could pay using PayPal.


Tom would love to have you come out, laugh, and show support. He promises to make a right fool of himself. :)

Here's the link to get tickets in advance ($15 per head) and you will need to type the following into the "To" field:


Much Pride and Much Thanks

Don't delay! Pick it up at the Thick Skin Creations StoreFor many years now, family, friends and even a few begrudging enemies have given me absolutely overwhelming support of my character, Officer Horning.

I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for the years of encouragement and laughter as I brought him to life and delighted in sharing his unwavering focus on your safety.

Officer Horning's first mini-movie is available and, for the die-hard fan, I must say it's a must have.  I'm very proud of the piece and I think it honors him, his contribution to my artistic portfolio and my comedic roots.  I do hope you choose to pick one up.

Officer Horning isn't going anywhere, I suspect to be performing him for a long, long time.  I want more years on him than Kelsey Grammer had on Frasier Crane.  I will say though that preparing this mini-movie has got me really thinking. 

Wait until you all meet Eddie Murray.  Now he will crack you up......


Tom's "Gripe Grapes" are getting squeezed.

"A Bunch Of Gripe Grapes" ($19)

- by Tom Antonellis

The book, "Gripe Grapes" is Here! Why suffer through another bowl of cherries, when you can have a good old bunch of grumbling, griping, grapes. Feed your inner curmudgeon.

Visit the Thick Skin Creations Store to get your copy today.



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