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Tom Antonellis voices TriCalm spot

TriCalm "Mom vs Scientist" 30 from Rob Stegman on Vimeo.

Enjoy Tom Antonellis in the part of the professor in this piece of voiceover work for TriCalm itch cream.  The Professor is long-winded and overwrought in his speech -- Hmmmmm, sound like anyone we know?!  ;)

Many thanks to Tom Antonellis, Sr. for connecting us with Blue Star Media out of Massachusetts and co-star Tara Emerson (an actress who has worked with us many Thick Skin Creations projects similar to the recently released comedy album "Tom Antonellis:  First Impressions").


Tom Antonellis's Latest Album (and Podcast) coming May 4, 2018

Facebook page

I am pleased to announce my (Tom Antonellis's) latest album from Thick Skin Creations: "Tom Antonellis - First Impressions."  [on iTunes]

From the album description:

"You never get a second chance to make a First Impression. Unless you're Tom Antonellis or you've purchased his album!

Like on his last album, "Tom Antonellis - Laugh at or With," [also on iTunesenjoy more of Tom's favorite types of comedy: impressions, characters, comedic cover songs, ire-filled rants, "list comedy" a la George Carlin, and homage impressions to the greats - from Eugene Levy to Anthony Hopkins to David Bowie. Oh yeah: and a Master Class in the Boston Accent.

Guest starring Mike Quinn fromLabyrinthandStar Wars Episodes 6’, ‘7and8and Sasha Travis from the band, Alice Underground.

Impressions run in the family too: enjoy guest star Julee Antonellis and listen to original songs from dad: Tommy Antonellis.

Enjoy your tour through the artistry of Tom Antonellis whether it's your "first impression" or whether you've known him for years!

Also featuring the track "Bus Safety (Home Study Course)" with Tom as his character Officer Horning delivering the famous list compiled of 'behaviors detrimental to good Bus Safety'."

On the drop date, Star Wars Day (May 4th - "May the 4th Be With You") [5/4/18], enjoy "Tom Antonellis - Laugh at or With the Podcast - Vol. 1 - First Impressions" featuring material from the album for FREE!!

Join the event at this link to stay apprised and share with the event and/or this post with abandon!!!


Tom Antonellis - Magician selftape


Enjoy a fun experience with close-up magician Tom Antonellis as if you were in his performance parlor and learn a bit more about this versatile performer.  As they say in Boston:  "Pick a CAAAAHHHD, any caaaahhhhd."
For more on Tom Antonellis, search Tom Antonellis and Thick Skin Creations on Facebook and search for Tom Antonellis on Amazon and iTunes.
Stay tuned for the release of his latest comedy album:  "Tom Antonellis:  First Impressions".



Disney Voicematches from A to Z by Tom Antonellis - 46 Impressions

Enjoy as I pay homage to Disney voice artists from every Disney movie from 'Snow White' to 'Mulan'

I set upon myself the challenge of an impression of at least one character for every letter of the alphabet (P for Pumbaa, K for King Louie, C for Cruella de Vil, etc). 46 voices in all inside of 4 1/2 minutes!

The video also features a voicematch/parody of David Ogden Stier's opening narration from "Beauty and the Beast" -- this video is dedicated to his memory.

Created by Tom AntonellisThick Skin Creations -- stay tuned for my latest album due this year:  "Tom Antonellis:  First Impressions." Also visit for more of my work:  the comedy CDs, "Tom Antonellis:  Laugh at or With" (not safe for work) and "Abbott & Costello Meet Tom Antonellis...At Christmas" (clean as a whistle).

Special thanks:  Ryan McClure (Tuff Cut Sound), Nomi Abadi (opening piano performance), Judy Maggs (sound support).  

Thanks for watching and I welcome your comments and shares! 


Officer Horning (Tom Antonellis) on "Getting Real with Zeke Thomas"

We're so very excited to bring you this fun (complete) podcast hosted by the most generous Zeke Thomas.  Officer Horning (via comic actor and voiceover artist Tom Antonellis) brings you his "hyper-focus" upon the subject of Bus Safety.

Zeke and Officer Horning look at everything through the "BP" (Bus Prism) and even touch upon subjects like:

- hipsters, millennials, generation-Zers, YouTubers

- Boston, Newton and Natick, Massachusetts

- the officer's tragic roots and why he has gravitated to Bus Safety

- evacuation procedure

- Will Smith, his amuck children and his gargantuan trailer

- the intranet, the Facebook, the social media

- Podcasting and being of service

- Thick Skin Creations

- The Carefully-Compiled List of "Behaviors Detrimental to Good Bus Safety" which will also be featured on the forthcoming comedy CD, "Tom Antonellis:  First Impressions"

- Baseball

- Middle names

- Pregnancy and conception

- DeflateGate, the violence of football, the heyday of the Boston Celtics and the present NBA babies, Venus & Serena, compelling modern sports

- The Boston accent and vulgarity

- Fighting negativity

- the insanity of downhill skiing

- texting while driving


In the YouTube video:  childlike illustrations by Andrew Kuhn.  

Visit for Tom's latest:  The book "'Precipice Writings' & Other Relanyms - A Book of Word Play" and the comedy CDs:  "Tom Antonellis:  Laugh at or With" (not safe for work) and "Abbott & Costello Meet Tom Antonellis...At Christmas" (clean as a whistle).

Thanks for watching and I welcome your comments and shares!