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What is it About Lighthouses?


Ask yourself, "What Is It About Lighthouses?" while enjoying the lighthouse photography of noted lighthouse author Jeremy D'Entremont alongside shots from co-producer Tom Antonellis and selected contest-winner photographers from the "Friends of New England Lighthouses" Facebook Community.  
Featuring narration inspired by Cider Mill Press's "The Lighthouse Handbook New England" written by Jeremy D'Entremont and performed by voiceover artist Tom Antonellis as well as original music from songwriter/performer Tommy Antonellis. 
(Original music is available on iTunes -- 'Sail with Me' by Tommy Antonellis -- available in instrumental and version with lyrics).
Special thanks:  original music producers: Tommy Antonellis & Rosemary Antonellis; recording facilities: Thick Skin Creations, Tuff Cut Sound & Riverworx Audio Production; contributing photographers: Chris Graham, Barbara Nowik, John Donovan, Carol Blake, Kevin Margenau, Elaine George, Fran Jehrio, Debra L. Carey, Corey Balazowich, Wayne Cotterly, Jim Wilton, David Zapatka, Don Gargano, Kathleen Cotterly, Bill Dexter and John Stevenson

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The Clearly Not in Massachusetts Masshole (Tom Antonellis) debuts Episode 1 Wicked Awesome World Series


Enjoy as The Clearly Not in Massachusetts Masshole debuts with Episode 1 - "Wicked Awesome World Series"  
Watch and laugh as The Clearly Not in Massachusetts (Tom Antonellis) Masshole struggles to drive, to park, talking with Dodger fans and as he roots for the Boston Red Sox in Game 4 of the 2018 World Series.



Starship Excelsior celebrates contribution from Tom Antonellis, VO artist

Audio Drama websiteI'm very happy to announce I've been cast in fan-favorite audio podcast Starship Excelsior: A Star Trek Fan Production in a very meaty and enjoyable Guest Star role as 'The Man.' The Man is a leader within the Island Confederation, a nation imperiled by the environmental recklessness of his planet's Capitol -- a shrewd politician, he wants to protect his people.

Many thanks to the James Heaney and the producers and the whole Excelsior team for welcoming me aboard!

Upon the release of the episode, Executive Producer James Heaney sent us all out an email alerting us as to the release and, in it, praised all the participants.  He was kind enough to single out my contribution with some compliments and I followed up the email asking if I could use parts of the email as a testimonial.  Instead he offered to pen one anew because he said he had "lots to say."


"For the latest episode of Starship Excelsior, we had a couple of characters who needed a heavy alien accent -- thick enough to conceal a mistaken-identity plot twist -- but still light enough to be understood in our audio format, where subtitles and non-verbal cues are not available to the audience. It had to be alien because it's a planet on the far side of the galaxy, yet had to be human enough to be relatable...even a little primitive-sounding, because of the context. Oh, and they are both characters with major emotional arcs over the course of our episode, so it wasn't enough to get somebody who could do an accent; we also needed somebody who could ACT.
We knew this would be a toughie, so we invited Tom Antonellis to take up the more important of the two parts. He wrote me back in four minutes flat, and we spent much of the next day discussing the character and the voice I was looking for. I had only a few loose notes -- I liked the "Belter" creole from The Expanse, whose Jamaican origins fit well with [our] characters, who live in an archipelago [which is] in the midst of some sci-fi environmental turmoil.
From there, Tom worked up an accent, with its own somewhat-human/somewhat-alien rules, all by himself. It was just what we were looking for. It was alien but human, thick but not so thick as to obscure the effective emotional performance he delivered. He made it sound easy!
It was not.
[Further,] Tom sent us the text files he'd written describing the precise rules for the accent, and we spent the next three solid weeks auditioning various other members of our company for the second Islander part. Nobody else could do it. They all lost the accent and ended up sounding like Irishmen...or they clung to the accent for dear life, forgot to act the part, and ended up sounding like robots. (Alien robots, but still.) We went through half-a-dozen actors before we finally found a guy who could do a passable job following Tom's rules and sounding good doing it. We're a tiny little audio drama for Star Trek fans; we've never gone through that many actors before, but we had to keep up with the high bar Tom had set.
All was well.
Unfortunately, during pre-release [audience] testing, we found that listeners had a difficult time understanding Tom's words in context with the other characters. Just listening to his file in isolation had been fine, but add in other characters without accent and the switching between voices turned out to be a high tax on the listeners -- it pulled them out of the scene.
Now...Tom wasn't under contract with us, so there was a good chance we were up a crick. I wrote to Tom and explained to him the situation, then asked him to re-record at least his introductory scene with a lighter accent, so listeners would at least have a chance to adjust. And then we hoped for the best.
Tom called me less than five minutes later to talk things through. He immediately understood the issue and suggested some tweaks to the accent, which he demonstrated on the spot [on the phone]. (It was much clearer.) He volunteered to redo not just the one scene but all his lines for the episode...not an insubstantial commitment for a Guest Star in a 90-minute two-part show! Despite the fact that he had a major gig that would take up much of his week, he squeezed us in, and we were able to redo the scene. The test audiences loved the new version, which still had all the alien characteristics we were looking for, but was just a little easier on the ears. Hopefully our wide audiences love it, too!
But the bottom line is, Tom did a ludicrous amount of work on extremely short timetables, did that work excellently, went way above and beyond the call of duty... and did all this for a fan series. He's a consummate professional, and we're lucky to have had him on. Hopefully we'll be able to have him on again in the future... but something tells me the professional acting world is going to fill his dance card before we get another crack at him!"

- James Heaney, Executive Producer - Starship Excelsior A Star Trek Fan Production 
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Tom Antonellis voices TriCalm spot

TriCalm "Mom vs Scientist" 30 from Rob Stegman on Vimeo.

Enjoy Tom Antonellis in the part of the professor in this piece of voiceover work for TriCalm itch cream.  The Professor is long-winded and overwrought in his speech -- Hmmmmm, sound like anyone we know?!  ;)

Many thanks to Tom Antonellis, Sr. for connecting us with Blue Star Media out of Massachusetts and co-star Tara Emerson (an actress who has worked with us many Thick Skin Creations projects similar to the recently released comedy album "Tom Antonellis:  First Impressions").


Tom Antonellis's Latest Album (and Podcast) coming May 4, 2018

Facebook page

I am pleased to announce my (Tom Antonellis's) latest album from Thick Skin Creations: "Tom Antonellis - First Impressions."  [on iTunes]

From the album description:

"You never get a second chance to make a First Impression. Unless you're Tom Antonellis or you've purchased his album!

Like on his last album, "Tom Antonellis - Laugh at or With," [also on iTunesenjoy more of Tom's favorite types of comedy: impressions, characters, comedic cover songs, ire-filled rants, "list comedy" a la George Carlin, and homage impressions to the greats - from Eugene Levy to Anthony Hopkins to David Bowie. Oh yeah: and a Master Class in the Boston Accent.

Guest starring Mike Quinn fromLabyrinthandStar Wars Episodes 6’, ‘7and8and Sasha Travis from the band, Alice Underground.

Impressions run in the family too: enjoy guest star Julee Antonellis and listen to original songs from dad: Tommy Antonellis.

Enjoy your tour through the artistry of Tom Antonellis whether it's your "first impression" or whether you've known him for years!

Also featuring the track "Bus Safety (Home Study Course)" with Tom as his character Officer Horning delivering the famous list compiled of 'behaviors detrimental to good Bus Safety'."

On the drop date, Star Wars Day (May 4th - "May the 4th Be With You") [5/4/18], enjoy "Tom Antonellis - Laugh at or With the Podcast - Vol. 1 - First Impressions" featuring material from the album for FREE!!

Join the event at this link to stay apprised and share with the event and/or this post with abandon!!!