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Meet Eddie Murray (starring Tom Antonellis)

Tom Antonellis created and stars as Eddie Murray in Eddie's first ever youtube short.  "I Can't do Christmas No More" is a brief "compacted" introduction to Eddie Murray for all to enjoy.  For more on Tom Antonellis visit and


PSA - Matthew B. Greene missing since 7.7.13

I was recently asked to lend voice-over talent to a PSA for a most unusual cause.  I, of course, wanted to help right away.  I can't imagine what Matt's friends are feeling -- I have personally met one of the friends searching so assiduously for Matthew B. Greene.

Matt has been missing from the Mammoth Lakes area since July 17, 2013.

[Tom Antonellis voices provided:  friend caller, police officer]


Matt was hiking/climbing with some friends in the Mammoth Lakes region and staying at the Shady Rest campground.  Prior to his disappearance he happened upon some car trouble (his Subaru blew a head gasket).  Matt stayed behind while his car was repaired at the Norco Goodyear repair shop with plans to meet up with friends in CO down the line.  His last known phone call was to the repair shop around 4:30 pm on July 16th, with some texts to said friend around 8-8:30 that same night.  Additionally, his last use of credit cards was a purchase in Mammoth Lakes that same day. 

When Matt did not meet up with friends as planned, it was discovered that his car was waiting, fixed, for over a week and he had not returned to the campsite where his gear was and where he had been paying day-to-day in antipation of his car being ready on the 18th and moving on.  

Matt is 39, approximately 5'11", 155 lb, with blondish/brown short hair and blue eyes.  He was carrying a large black/white backpack, yellow LaSportiva Nepal Extremes, crampons, and one ice axe.  He had a blue hat, and was probably wearing a long sleeve shirt with a darker (green/black) short sleeve on top.  

Matt teaches high school math in Nazareth, PA and lives in Bethlehem, PA.  He tends to spend every spring/winter/summer break in the outdoors - smaller jaunts in NY and heading out west for the summers.  Prior to his current position, Matt was in the Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea. 

If you know ANYTHING, please call the Mammoth Lakes Police at (760) 934-2536; Detective Hornbeck can be reached at extension 17.


A runaway train! What a Narrator!!

Many thanks to series creators Jerry Kokich and Damion Poitier for casting me in the very juicy role of the Narrator in "Tales of the Ghost"!

Hearken back to the days of yesteryear and the thrills of old time radio -- Give a listen to the trailer.  Episode 1, "The Lightning Limited" will be ready soon for your listening enjoyment.


Droppin' A Tom Bomb (#5)

Droppin' a Tom Bomb can be a quick Tomism or a lengthy, vitriol-filled tirade.  Either way, if you know Tom Antonellis, you know you've heard some.  Not some, probably many.  Not many, probably too many.

Number 5 (This one's a bit geeky):

"'The Desolation of Smaug'?  Isn't that life in LA?"  - Tom Antonellis



The Astonishing Antonellis

Image Credit: Dan Boyles (link to his website)Ah, I have such wonderful friends. The caption on this one: "Happy Birthday, Tom. Don't let it go to your head." 

Very special thanks to the uber-talented Daniel Vincent for this one.

I love it, too, because it conjures images of those classic Magic posters of the magicians of yore.

Some of my favorites:

David Copperfield

Ricky Jay

David Oliver

Jay Sankey

Falkenstein & Willard

Scott Jameson

Michael Ammar

Steve Kradolfer