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Arthur Murray Dance Studio voice ads

Tom Antonellis voices Arthur Murray Dance Studio's latest KABC AM 790 "Steps" radio ad. Visit Arthur Murray Dance Studio - call them to get started and become a great dancer!

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Special thanks to those at KABC AM 790.



Sco'ish Brrrrrrrrrogue

This be me wee bi' of a Sco'ish brrrrrogue fer ya!

I'm proud to report I was recently asked to lend my voice to this very special project.

Special thanks to the producers of 'Dog House Calls' and especially to Greg Checketts for the permission to display Tom Antonellis's voice work as Dr. Wood the famous Scottish woodpecker doctor who "invented" the syringe. This is a beautiful little piece of good old fashioned hand-drawn animation -- of course, at times, you will see, the animation appears unrefined due to the fact that this is an animatic (kind of like a sketch or an animated work-in-progress). Also, there are, as yet, no sound effects.

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Actor's Access

I had some time to do a little updating.  This is a good resource for actors and you can check out my updated acting resume here.


Tom Antonellis finds this Sad

Click here for more from the creative mind of Tom AntonellisA Border's book store closed in my neighborhood recently.  A lot of things around us are seeing a demise.  Then we are approaching a $5 gallon of gas, too.  You know, I never set out to be one of those "back in my day" kinds of curmudgeons but I guess I'm becoming one.  This pay phone I encountered made me sad.  Leave a comment below and let me know about changes you've seen that make you long for simpler times.


Tom Antonellis's family

How cool is it growing up with this kind of entertainment around ya?

My sister Julee Antonellis

My cousin Rich Battista