Tom Antonellis's family

How cool is it growing up with this kind of entertainment around ya?

My sister Julee Antonellis

My cousin Rich Battista


And People Joke That IIIIIIIII'm a Douche?!

Hate to make it this plain, but I'm the coolest part of this video.

If, for some ungodly reason, you want to know more about this guy, here's his youtube link:


Gotta cut loose! Footloose! (Can you spot me?)

"Boy meets girl" becomes a FOOTLOOSE dance party at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. The performance was choreographed by myself and my fellow teachers at ARTHUR MURRAY DANCE STUDIO IN SHERMAN OAKS and features teachers and students dancing to the iconic Kenny Loggins' song.  Big thank yous to the wonderful and supportive management of the SHERMAN OAKS GALLERIA, Hunter Communications, and, of course, KENNY LOGGINS and KEVIN BACON.
Not enough of a Tom fix for ya?  Check out Tom products here.
Feel like you just gotta like something?!  Like Tom Antonellis and Arthur Murray.

My birthday: overwhelmed with love!!

Cheesecake Factory did a nice jobI would like to thank the over 250 people that wished me a happy birthday this September 13th.  I was honored and humbled by this outpouring of love.

Emails, personal greetings, texts, calls, facebook postings:  short of a carrier pidgeon or a Morse-Code wiregram, I received well wishes from nearly every conceivable manner of communication.

I'll be honest, I was dreading the birthday.  Dreading 37.  Just dreading.  To help chip away at this negativity, Mom pointed out:  "Thomas, one day, quicker than you'd think, you'll be 62 wishing you were 37.  Don't waste it."

Stacy didn't give up on getting together with me.  I resisted and resisted and resisted.  I wanted to go home and brood.  Stupid.  (She's responsible for the cake in the picture.  White-Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake!!)

Pick up a copyOne of my friends pointed out:  "Tom, you focus so much on things you hate." He was referring to the book I wrote.  [click the book to learn more -- FREE SHIPPING for the rest of September] 

I want you all to know I've started a book of things I love and that fill me with awe!

I want to thank everyone who made my 37th birthday so special.  Harry Potter Uno, greeting cards that play 'Rock Around the Clock', keychains, elephant magnets, cupcakes, cookies, Plush Puff grourmet marshmallows, cash, gift cards, hugs, handshakes, "Age is only a number," "You still look good, Tom," greetings from: old girlfriends, fellow ex-Boy Scouts, former co-workers, present co-workers, comics, students, teachers, cousins, aunts, uncles, great-aunts, great-uncles, "signifcant others", immediate family, four other people who share September 13th, this quote: "'Sept 13' - the 'Day of Passionate Care' Intense, Devoted, Persevering. Mel Torme, Roald Dahl, Tom Antonellis. (from the 'Secret Language of Birthdays' book)", fellow actors, fellow voice-over artists, people whom I go back as far as kindergarten, former classmates at Lilja Elementary School, Wilson Middle School, Natick High School and Syracuse University, folks from my Arthur Murray extended family, this wish:  "Happy Tom Antonellis Day! -  Established in 1974, a day of stupid jokes, list comedy, McDonald's food, and the prioritization of family and good friends", white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake (I know I already mentioned it -- I needed to say it again!!), the Red Sox won -- what more could you ask for?

Thank you, thank you, thank you all.

- September 13, 2011



Tom Antonellis and the other Tom Antonellis: Happy Father's Day

A few years ago I got a chance to enjoy a tour of Fenway Park with my dad, Tom Antonellis Sr.  He's the one in the hat (the guy on the left was our tour guide).

Due to the distance between us, it's been awhile since I've been able to share a Mother's Day with my Mom or a Father's Day with my Dad.  My sister and her fiancee have been able to create some nice celebrations with them though and I appreciate that.  But that still doesn't alleviate the sense of loss over those holidays or the sense of guilt I have over missing them.

I still remember the first time Dad and I went to Fenway.  Our recent tour demonstrated to us the many changes, facelifts, additions and improvements that'd been made over the years especially those made since the 2004 World Series win.  (The tour guide is showing his World Series win having worked there in 2004.)  That first game I saw had Jerry Remy playing 2nd base.  Now Jerry calls the game locally in Boston; his book on understanding baseball sits on Mom & Dad's end table. 

I never remember if the Sox win when I see their games in person.  And I pay more attention than ever because I fill out the scorecard in the program (using the technique Dad taught me during Little League).  But, still, I never remember.  I DO remember where I was.  That first time with Dad was on the third base line.  Box seats.  The most recent time with Dad:  in the bleachers.  I can never get enough of Fenway Park.  I truly hope my lifetime never sees its closure (like so many New York fans suffered when Yankee Stadium closed).

I'm grateful for the 2004 World Series win.  I think it revitalized Fenway and played a great role in securing its future.

On Father's Day, I am thinking back on those times and looking forward to more of them in the future.  I love you, Dad.  And Mom:  don't think I've forgotten -- all those Sox games were, in truth, gifts to me from both of you.

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