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Officer Horning (Tom Antonellis) on "Getting Real with Zeke Thomas"

We're so very excited to bring you this fun (complete) podcast hosted by the most generous Zeke Thomas.  Officer Horning (via comic actor and voiceover artist Tom Antonellis) brings you his "hyper-focus" upon the subject of Bus Safety.

Zeke and Officer Horning look at everything through the "BP" (Bus Prism) and even touch upon subjects like:

- hipsters, millennials, generation-Zers, YouTubers

- Boston, Newton and Natick, Massachusetts

- the officer's tragic roots and why he has gravitated to Bus Safety

- evacuation procedure

- Will Smith, his amuck children and his gargantuan trailer

- the intranet, the Facebook, the social media

- Podcasting and being of service

- Thick Skin Creations

- The Carefully-Compiled List of "Behaviors Detrimental to Good Bus Safety" which will also be featured on the forthcoming comedy CD, "Tom Antonellis:  First Impressions"

- Baseball

- Middle names

- Pregnancy and conception

- DeflateGate, the violence of football, the heyday of the Boston Celtics and the present NBA babies, Venus & Serena, compelling modern sports

- The Boston accent and vulgarity

- Fighting negativity

- the insanity of downhill skiing

- texting while driving


In the YouTube video:  childlike illustrations by Andrew Kuhn.  

Visit for Tom's latest:  The book "'Precipice Writings' & Other Relanyms - A Book of Word Play" and the comedy CDs:  "Tom Antonellis:  Laugh at or With" (not safe for work) and "Abbott & Costello Meet Tom Antonellis...At Christmas" (clean as a whistle).

Thanks for watching and I welcome your comments and shares!  


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