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What is it About Lighthouses?


Ask yourself, "What Is It About Lighthouses?" while enjoying the lighthouse photography of noted lighthouse author Jeremy D'Entremont alongside shots from co-producer Tom Antonellis and selected contest-winner photographers from the "Friends of New England Lighthouses" Facebook Community.  
Featuring narration inspired by Cider Mill Press's "The Lighthouse Handbook New England" written by Jeremy D'Entremont and performed by voiceover artist Tom Antonellis as well as original music from songwriter/performer Tommy Antonellis. 
(Original music is available on iTunes -- 'Sail with Me' by Tommy Antonellis -- available in instrumental and version with lyrics).
Special thanks:  original music producers: Tommy Antonellis & Rosemary Antonellis; recording facilities: Thick Skin Creations, Tuff Cut Sound & Riverworx Audio Production; contributing photographers: Chris Graham, Barbara Nowik, John Donovan, Carol Blake, Kevin Margenau, Elaine George, Fran Jehrio, Debra L. Carey, Corey Balazowich, Wayne Cotterly, Jim Wilton, David Zapatka, Don Gargano, Kathleen Cotterly, Bill Dexter and John Stevenson

To have Tom Antonellis voice your next project, contact The Library Agency at 818-849-6384


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